Blooming Trees and Shrubs

Spring is my favorite season because of all the blooming trees and shrubs. The show starts with the glorious yellow forsythia bushes and purple branches of redbud trees. Magnolias come in white, pink, and yellow in both shrub and tree forms.  Fragrant lilacs perfume the air with pink, purple and white flowers. Delicate pink and white dogwood blooms grace their bare tree branches. Pink and white weeping cherry trees arch over like fountains of petals. Flowering crabapple trees provide lovely blooms in the spring and pretty berries in the fall. A particularly spectacular variety of crabapple is ‘Royal Raindrops’ with darkest pink (almost red) blossoms followed by purple leaves and dark red berries.

An important thing to remember with spring blooming trees and shrubs is to prune them after they bloom. Most of them set their flower buds in the summer for the next year’s bloom. If you prune them in fall or early spring you cut off their flower buds.

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