Summer bulbs are planted in the spring and provide colored foliage and bright flowers through the summer. They don’t need winter to set them up to bloom. Most of them are tropical or tender perennial, meaning they won’t live through the winter here and need to be dug up and stored. Lilies are one of the spring planted bulbs that are hardy and will survive our winters in the ground. The tropical and tender bulbs include dahlias, gladiolas, tuberous begonias, caladiums, calla lilies, tuberose, and elephant ears. These bulbs need warm soil and can’t handle frost. They should be planted in the ground after the frost free date of May 15th. Many gardeners get a head start in early April by starting them inside in pots. Keep them in a warm location until their leaves start to show and then move them into a bright window. Don’t forget to harden off by gradually introducing the plants to the outside light and temperatures.

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