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Fertilizer Basics: Annuals, Perennials, and Vegetables

Annuals last just one summer. Since you want as much growth and bloom as possible, you can fertilize them pretty regularly. Miracle-Gro is a good choice, just remember to water the plants first [...]

Fertilizer Basics: Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs should be fertilized from late fall until the end of May. Summer fertilizing isn’t good for them, it messes with their fall dormancy. Tree-Tone and Plant –Tone are excellent [...]

Fertilizer Basics: Lawn

There are three major plant nutrients listed as three numbers on the package: nitrogen for green leafy growth; phosphorous for rooting, blooming, and fruiting; and potassium for disease [...]

Bagworms and Systemic Insecticide

Did you have bagworms on your trees last year? Now is the time to get ahead of them for this year. Hopefully you were able to remove as many bags as possible over the winter. If half the bags had [...]

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